Buy Vs Rent ! What should I do?


For a modern day home buyer, it has become a tough choice. “Should I pay rent or EMI’s for my house”?  Hefty costs associated with buying a house, make most independent youngsters to rent one, once they start earning. As they start families and save money, many choose to buy a home. However, while it is apparent that there are no returns in renting, one needs to be mindful of the costs and recurring expenses associated with buying and owning a house. In this article, we have listed down five important points to consider while comparing Buying Vs Renting which shall help you take a right decision.

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Deviation from the Approved Layout Plan- Its effects and Regularisation

In our earlier blog “Sanctions and Approvals Required for different types of Properties“, we discussed various sanctions, approvals and NOC’s required for different types of properties. A large number of houses were affected during the latest demolition drive in Bangalore. Buildings have been constructed that are not in line with the building regulations. This, of course, not only causes hardship to the owners and others but also leads to tremendous financial losses.

In this blog, we will list down the conditions laid down for obtaining sanctions; the permissible limits for deviations and the regularisation process in the event of deviations.

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