Akrama-Sakrama gets a kick-start!!

The “Akrama-Sakrama” scheme has been in and out of the news for a while now, from when it was first introduced by the Karnataka government in December 31, 2013, to when Public Interest Litigations were subsequently filed against this scheme, to the present, when on December 13, 2016, the High Court dismissed all pending cases against this scheme. This has now paved the way for the Akrama-Sakrama scheme to be implemented throughout Karnataka. This article aims to shed some light on this scheme, and what it means to the common man.

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RealDocs on Radio One

RealDocs’s Co-Founder & COO Mr. Nair was invited for the Talk Show “Square Feet” on ‘94.3 Radio One’ to share his expert opinion on Property Verification and related documentation. Mr. Nair explained how RealDocs App simplifies real estate legal documentation, it educates the property owner and buyer in identifying the missing gaps, and provide support for their Property to remain compliant to the latest statutory norms. Mr. Nair also answered some of the most frequently asked question (FAQ’s) of the buyer, like What are the “must check” documents before buying? What you should know about khatha document? and many more such questions. Read More

After Demonetization, is Benami Property next?

The Government’s recent move of demonetization [of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes] has been termed by many as a “surgical strike” on black money.  Since then, there are rumors floating around that “Benami” Properties would most likely be the next “target” under the government’s agenda.

In this blog, we have tried to put this in the right perspective.

So, what is a “Benami” Property?

To recap from our last blog article, a Benami property is one where a property is paid by one person, and that property is registered in the government’s records under a fictitious name.  Hence the term Benami – “without name”. Read More